On this page you can get familiar with the distinctive BGaming positioning, logo usage rules and brand colour palette. Follow these guidelines carefully to ensure the BGaming brand always looks its best.

brand positioning




To become the most social and player-driven provider, which players feel connected to


By investing in understanding and studying players, analysing their behavior, emotions and needs, testing all products on real players, BGaming creates truly entertaining games that players love

Brand essence
Be gaming. Be winning

Brand name

The brand name should be written in the text the only way, which is the following: BGaming. The two first letters of the brand's name should always be capitalized. All-capitalized BGAMING is acceptable only in headlines and titles.

Bgaming, bgaming, BeGaming, B-Gaming, and B Gaming are unacceptable in the texts.


This version of the logo contains additional line with the company slogan BE GAMING · BE WINNING.

LOGO on black

This version of the logo contains additional line with the company slogan BE GAMING · BE WINNING.

It is designed as black BGaming inscription, where the first letter is highlighted on a yellow plate and the rest letters are separated by yellow vertical lines.


For usage on brand yellow colour background there is one-color black version of the logo.


The main brand icon of BGaming is the letter B on the yellow plate. Inverted version of the symbol is yellow letter B on the black plate.

Use the symbol in the situations where the brand is already recognizable as an alternative for the main logo version.

logo usage on art

Main colour version of the logo can be used on art/photo provided the background is not too busy and has enough contrast to the logo.

Symbol is preferable for using in game interfaces with colourful backgrounds.

logo misuse

Most common examples of logo misuse can be found on this page. Please note that the logo must always be used without deformation.

Always use the logo files provided. Do not re-create.


Main colour of the brand is Golden Yellow. It conveys the company’s entertaining and engaging nature. Its brightness is full of energy and brings emotion, as a sparkle of a coin. White and Black communicate trustworthiness and reliability and play well with Golden Yellow.

Secondary colours are Violet for vibrant accent and Gray for support.

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