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Case study
Boost your GGR with BGaming’s branded games

Unlock the success story of, a top iGaming operator, and explore keys to successful launch of custom content

See our game customization in practice

Exclusive titles available only on
Boosted business metrics up to 80%
Increased player retention within alternative RTP
Prolonged player LTV thanks to engaging mathematics
Gained more player trust through unique content


Take a sneak peek at 5 unique titles – Blaze Million, Book of Blaze, Blaze Bonanza, Sweet Blaze Bonanza, and Mermaid Treasure – that we’ve tailored to Blaze’s player preferences; and see how they conquered with the main top performer Blaze Million, solely heightening GGR by 4 times.

And this is the joint work of BGaming and that made it happen.

What is the secret of such success?
Explore all the details in the case study and get ready to try these outcomes on your brand.

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