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Apr 3, 2024


At BGaming, we've always believed in breaking boundaries and thinking outside the box. That's why our presence at offline exhibitions worldwide isn't just about showcasing our games to visitors — it's an opportunity for us to delve in our creative project, “When Art Meets Gaming.” We believe that art and gaming go hand in hand, and by partnering with talented street artists, we give our iconic game characters a fresh, vibrant makeover.

For our upcoming debut at SiGMA Americas, BGaming teamed up with the renowned Brazilian street art duo Clandestinos Art. With over 20 years of mural-creating experience, Clandestinos Art brings a wealth of creativity and expertise to the table to remake our beloved game heroes from Elvis Frog TRUEWAYS, Scratch Alpaca, and others.

The story behind Clandestinos Art is as fascinating as their artwork. Born from the creative synergy between Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack, this dynamic duo brings together diverse cultural influences and artistic perspectives.

“Home”. Downtown BIA- Barrie, on Acrylic Base & Spray Paint

They met in Rio de Janeiro through mutual friends in the graffiti scene. Shalak, originally from Edmonton, Alberta, grew up in Canada, drawing inspiration from her Chilean immigrant parents and their values. Smoky, born in Itanhaem, Brazil, was raised in São Paulo, surrounded by diverse cultural influences. Their shared passion for art and deep connection quickly blossomed into a partnership and, later, into a beautiful couple.

Individually, Shalak and Smoky have distinct artistic styles shaped by their experiences and cultural influences. However, when collaborating as Clandestinos, they manifest a third creative voice with its own visual personality.

The award-winning duo, Clandestinos Art, has earned global recognition for their unique artistic style and distinct subject matter. With over 20 years of experience in creating murals, they have participated in numerous art projects across the world, from Canada, the USA, and Brazil to Germany, the UK, and Israel.

Their impressive portfolio includes collaborations with organizations like the United Nations (Street Art of Mankind), Disney, Fifa World Cup Rio de Janeiro, American Express, Adidas, and many others, as well as participation in international festivals such as Montreal's Mural Festival and Art Basel in Miami. Their work has been featured in various media outlets and publications, and they have received funding for their projects from government grants.

Adding to their story, the Clandestinos welcomed a new member to their team five years ago, their daughter Violeta. Based in Barrie, Ontario, they continue to create captivating art locally and internationally. Sending a cheerful hello from BGaming's 6th partners in art!

Witness their exclusive artwork firsthand by visiting our stand D40 at the SiGMA Americas from April 23rd to 25th.

In an exclusive video, the artists unveil details of the collaboration with BGaming and tell about their fascinating artworks.

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