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Jan 31, 2024


In preparation for ICE London 2024, BGaming embarked on a collaboration with London-based graffiti artist, Mr. Cenz, as part of the provider's creative project, "When Art Meets Gaming." 

Mr. Cenz brought his unique interpretation to iconic characters from BGaming's portfolio, including Book of Cats MEGAWAYS™, Penny Pelican, Elvis Frog TRUEWAYS, and Aztec Magic. Let's delve into the artist's extraordinary life and journey!

Mr. Cenz got acquainted with graffiti in 1984 when he first discovered hip-hop culture and the world of graffiti art. At just 11 years old, he created his first commissioned mural, marking the beginning of his artistic path. His passion for art continued to evolve through college and university, eventually leading to a career as a professional graffiti artist with numerous solo exhibitions and high-profile commissions on an international scale.

His artistic focus primarily centers on portraying female faces, which he distorts in his distinctive style. His futuristic artworks are characterized by intricate layers of flowing letterforms and shapes, all meticulously crafted to create aesthetically pleasing compositions. They transport viewers to otherworldly realms, evoking deep emotional responses. Mr. Cenz intentionally leaves his work open to individual interpretation, inviting viewers to find their own meaning within his creations.

Mr. Cenz's artistic style exudes a sense of funk and movement, seamlessly blending various skills, including photorealism, illustration, and graffiti letterforms. His influences span from the early graffiti artists who inspired him during his childhood, such as Dondi and Mode 2, to abstract expressionist painters like Paul Klee and Joan Miró.

Collaborating with BGaming allowed Mr. Cenz to revisit his artistic roots. He hand-drew designs and spray-painted them onto wooden panels in his studio, bringing a fresh perspective to the game characters. 

In an exclusive video, the artist unveils details of the collaboration and showcases the cosmic-fueled results of this exciting artistic venture.

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