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Jul 13, 2022

Industry Innovation of the Year - BGaming was shortlisted for the SBC Awards 2022!

We have made it through to the shortlist for the SBC Awards 2022!  Nomination: Industry Innovation of the Year - BGaming's Algorithm of Image Compression.

It's not easy to even imagine a slot that doesn't already exist as there are so many different visual styles, configurations, mechanics, and bonus games across the category. But no matter how unique your mechanics and features are, if you can't provide smooth gameplay to users.

"Converting gambling into gaming" became BGaming's motto for a reason. Features we add to our games like HD graphics, custom sound design, and a clear user interface for every device are aimed to satisfy players with the game process. At the same time, all the add-ons make the game heavier. Providing smooth gameplay to a player without using too many resources requires the application of optimization techniques.

BGaming's software development team created an algorithm that made possible the compression of all the games' graphics with zero or minimal quality loss. Depending on the original image size and type, the algorithm itself determines the accepted level of quality loss and compresses the image accordingly. It is worth noting that the script automatically compresses the images with no manual adjustments.

Today 70% of BGaming's portfolio weighs less than 10Mb. Still, the quality of graphics for the final user hasn't changed or compression can't be seen with the naked eye.

The game weight reduction directly impacts the loading time, which is an essential customer service KPI in online casinos nowadays. Moreover, this technical innovation can become an ideal solution for countries with limited or unstable access to the internet, which means a significant increase in the number of new players, a reduced number of uncompleted and interrupted games, and higher overall engagement.

Because we are passionate, focused, and love what we do! Kudos to BGaming's development team, aiming to drive the iGaming industry with innovative ideas and technologies. We look forward to seeing our innovation among the final winners at SBC Summit Barcelona in September 2022.

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