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Feb 20, 2024

The Power of BGaming’s Drops Campaigns

In the competitive landscape of the iGaming industry, engaged audience comes first. Player engagement and retention are essential factors that determine the success of both game providers and operators. Additionally, maintaining existing users tends to be more cost-effective compared to acquiring new ones, underscoring the importance of player retention strategies for sustainable growth.

These aspects not only drive revenue but also foster a positive reputation, provide invaluable insights for continuous improvement, and nurture brand loyalty. Players who are satisfied with their gaming experiences are more likely to come back to the same games time and again. 

BGaming Drops, as an online casino marketing tool, play a crucial role in engaging and retaining players. These incentives encourage audience to stay active and interested over time, adding excitement to the gameplay and keeping them entertained and motivated. When players get unexpected rewards, they feel valued and appreciated that can strengthen their connection to an online casino and a game provider, increasing the chances of them returning in the future.

Drops Campaigns are smoothly integrated within BGaming’s games, and they've already seen success despite being new. Timed strategically for periods of low player activity or special events and holidays, Drops offer enticing rewards, encouraging users to play BGaming’s games more frequently and, thus, boosting player engagement and retention.

BGaming's approach to Drops Campaigns reflects our commitment to innovation and user-centric design. Each campaign is crafted with a unique concept tailored to specific occasions. With automatic transaction processing and support for all currencies, no additional action required on the operator side – prizes are automatically added to a player's balance in any currency, be it fiat, crypto, or virtual one. 

What further makes BGaming Drops a players’ favorite are its unique randomizer and real-life leaderboard. These features enhance gaming experiences, add anticipation, and fuel in-game competition among players. Moreover, BGaming offers the flexibility to launch personalized campaigns, allowing clients to implement their own strategies, designs, and prize pools.

The success of Drops is evident in our achievements to date. By the end of 2023, BGaming had completed 5 promotional campaigns, attracting over 70 participating brands and garnering engagement from 30% of unique users through Drops coin interactions. With a significant €5 mln increase in bet volume, our results speak for themselves, marking just the beginning of BGaming's journey with Drops.

Looking ahead, BGaming remains dedicated to the continuous development and enhancement of our marketing tools, including Drops. We will enhance players' awareness of improving probability indicators. In summary, Drops represents a formidable asset for online casinos seeking to captivate and retain players over the long term, and BGaming is at the forefront of leveraging this tool to drive success within the iGaming industry.

Eugene Rush, Head of Product at BGaming.

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