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Jan 31, 2023

5 Exact Steps to Create an Online Casino Website

Find out what confident steps you can use to create an online casino website that will definitely attract a gambler audience.

Due to lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, access to land-based casinos was closed, and gamblers around the world turned their attention to online gambling. At first, interest in online casinos was forced: people sitting in isolation lacked entertainment and the opportunity to be in a casino, even remotely, became an outlet for them. However, after the lockdowns were cancelled, the gamblers' interest in online operators didn’t disappear. The gamblers "tasted" the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of an online casino without getting up from their comfortable sofas. Online operators appreciated the gambler’s attention and decided not to lower the set bar for iGaming services, but to invest resources in raising it. This contributed to increased competition in the online gambling market and stimulated the emergence of numerous unique offers from operators and providers after the pandemic ended and land-based casinos reopened their doors.

As of today, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is expected to be 11.7%% from 2022 to 2030. In addition, the market is advancing due to the fact that gamblers prefer compact smartphones and tablets for online casino games, rather than bulky desktop PCs. Thus, it is clear that the online casino industry is promising and will soon expand due to social, cultural and legal acceptance, as well as easy access to online gambling.

Creating your own online casino is a tempting idea, as the gambling business promises big profits. However, many people stop before reaching the starting line, as they already give in to the impressive investments that are needed in order to launch the casino. Of course, if you understand everything yourself, you will need not only financial investments, but also unshakable determination and perseverance. But this is necessary for opening any business, not just an online casino. And if you are thinking about becoming a part of the iGaming industry, this article is for you.

5 steps to create an online casino site

Now many software providers offer solutions for convenient and quick launch of an online casino, for example, a “turnkey” casino or a White Label solution. But not all clients want to take a “ready-made” solution, it is important for them to study the industry and business “from the ground up”, and even participate in laying this “foundation”. So, we invite you to find out what are the main steps you need to take in order to create an online casino from scratch.

Step 1. Get a gaming licence

A gaming licence allows an organisation to legally offer gambling services to gamblers (this immediately increases the reputation of the business and player loyalty), open a bank account and cooperate with leading gaming software providers.

To obtain a gambling licence, you need to know the gambling jurisdiction of the countries in which you plan to open an online casino. Each country has its own laws regarding the legality of gambling, as well as their regulation. If you have chosen a certain country, it is better for you to consult with a lawyer in matters of legality, tax policy, requirements for online casinos in this country. It is also important to evaluate the cost and speed of issuing the licence you are interested in. Some licences require the installation of a dedicated server through which your online casino transactions are carried out, or other additional costs.

At the moment, there are several dozen gaming licences. Among the popular ones are the licensees of Malta, Curacao, Kahnawake, Gibraltar, the licence of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and others.

Step 2. Create an online casino website

Even the most delicious candy at first (to customers taste it) needs a bright wrapper. The easiest way to attract users' attention to your online casino is through website design, user-friendly interface and easy navigation. It is known that 42% of users will leave a website if they don’t like its functionality, and as many as 50% of those surveyed say that website design is most important for a company's brand.

Let's take a closer look at the main recommendations for creating an attractive site for an online casino.

Fast loading

Our user experience suggests that if the site takes a long time to load because it’s overloaded with animation and detailed elements, the gambler's patience may run out and they may well want to change the online casino.

Correct colour palette

When creating a website design, it is important to take into account the psychology of colour perception, for example, blue is associated with confidence and reliability, but red speeds up the heartbeat and inspires bold decisions.

Convenient registration

Most online casinos offer the gambler to go through a rather long registration procedure, systematically filling in all the necessary fields. To demonstrate customer focus, a good solution would be to offer gamblers an additional opportunity to register through a Google account or social networks.

Detailed UI and UX

Thanks to the intuitive user interface (UI), gamblers will be able to find everything that interests them on the online casino site. User experience (UX) will have a good effect on gambler engagement if the menu structure is simple, navigation is smooth, and the search system is convenient (preferably using a filter system).

Responsive web design

Mobile devices currently account for more than half of the world's web traffic. And this is expected, because smartphones and tablets allow their owners not to break away from the gameplay while they are away at home. Online casino traffic will increase if the site is adapted for mobile devices.

Variety of payment methods

The more payment services a casino provides, the more players it will attract. You can either connect each payment method separately, or use the aggregator service and connect many payment methods at once under one contract. A competitive advantage over other online casinos gives the gambler the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds in cryptocurrency.

Gambler support

Another important indicator for users is 24/7 customer support. The most popular support options are the feedback form, email and live chat. To handle a large number of requests, it’s better to set up a chatbot based on artificial intelligence.

Step 3. Determine the game content

Before filling your site with casino games, you should analyse the audience, find out its tastes, preferences and trends in the iGaming industry. Millennials and Generation Z are key audiences today, but their interest is primarily focused on video games. To draw their attention to online casinos, operators use techniques such as introducing elements of gamification into casino games and social interaction of gamblers during the gameplay , e.g., in the comments during the stream.

Traditional online casino game options are slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, bingo, poker, instant win games. You can also add the ability for gamblers to bet on virtual sports and other popular options.

Step 4. Think in detail about marketing strategy

You will need a marketing strategy just before launching your online casino, but you need to think it over in advance. There are free ways to announce the launch of your gaming platform, such as via email and social media. The first option covers those users who have provided you with their emails, but the second allows you to expand the audience, add new ones to already registered users. With the help of social networks, accounts can be “pollinated”. In other words, an online casino can, within the framework of cooperation, advertise its account among the subscribers of some blogger or streamer, who, in turn, will advertise themselves among the subscribers of this online casino.

Step 5. Sign a contract with a reliable game provider

There are several options to add to your collection of those games that will attract players. The first option is to find a good-reputed game provider that offers an application programming interface (API) for adding games. The API allows you to implement an entire portfolio of games at once, and you can immediately add dozens or hundreds of games from different providers.

The second option is to partner with a certain game provider who will exclusively develop games for the operator. Of course, such a solution will require much more money, but the result will be impressive. If the chosen provider works with crypto solutions, the blockchain technology immediately guarantees trouble-free protection against hacker attacks and fraudulent attacks on the personal data of gamblers.

Why BGaming?

For more than 10 years (since 2012), the game provider BGaming has occupied a worthy position in the iGaming industry. This provider became a pioneer in supporting cryptocurrencies and after a while introduced a new trend by developing the Provably Fair game feature to guarantee 100% fair play. This is an algorithm that is based on a cryptographic method and guarantees that the gambler's bet will not affect the outcome of the round and this result cannot be known until the end of the actual game process. BGaming develops bright recognizable games that quickly become popular with the gambler audience. Currently, BGaming has 90+ games with great mechanics and original soundtracks, as well as 90+ supported currencies, including crypto.

In the case of BGaming, both of the above options for partnering with a gaming provider are valid. This game provider can offer not only seamless integration of games through a single API integration, but also the development of individual games for the tastes of the client. In addition, the accumulated experience in crypto solutions allows BGaming to offer customers reliable options for ensuring the security of finances and data of gamblers. When concluding an agreement, the customer can count on the professional support of the BGaming team. If any error is suddenly found in the games, it is corrected by the BGaming technical team in the shortest possible time.

And the icing on the cake is BGaming's anti-bureaucratic approach to collaboration. Unlike other APIs, where integration can take quite a long time and require the study of complex documentation (which may be uncomfortable for an inexperienced person), the integration of the BGaming game API takes place in the shortest possible time and is intuitively simple. If you need to create or expand your range of games, the BGaming team is always happy to collaborate! Contact us!

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