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Aug 4, 2022

How to Choose an Online Casino Software Provider

Gambling on the internet began to develop in the mid-nineties. Then this trend was picked up by companies that actively began to develop their own software for virtual establishments. Through experience, they realised that content that is attractive to users combines high-quality design, the presence of additional features, a high level of security, and other options.Finding a reliable supplier that will suit the casino and satisfy the tastes of the players is not an easy but important task for operators, just like many years ago, and today. The good news is that the iGaming market is filled with providers, both experienced "Jedi" and young "Padawans". The main thing is to correctly understand this diversity and choose a casino game provider that will lead your business to victory over competitors.

Why bother looking for a casino software provider?

The answer is simple: the game provider is one of the "bricks" of the reputation of a single online casino. The internet is now full of thematic forums where gamblers share their opinions about different operators. Do not forget about the websites where the latest online casino reviews are published. And, if players are not happy with some operator, because the games on its site are poorly loaded, disappointing with graphics and poor storyline, it will quickly become public. And certainly, it will not contribute to the influx of new players and the retention of those present.Scouring the iGaming market for a casino software provider can be a slow process. In addition to well-known providers, whose tariffs not every online casino can afford, there are many little-known ones that have not yet managed to make a name for themselves. But there shouldn't be a random choice here. A game provider is an investment that will definitely pay off and make a profit. Therefore, carefully read the same thematic forums and review sites, listen to the recommendations of people you trust, but do not ignore your own instincts. Sometimes among the garbage come across real pearls.

What games are in demand among players today?

The question is popular, but it sounds something like “what kind of films do audiences like?”. Various. Every man to his taste. Different games are liked by different segments of players (they can be filtered by age, gender, geo, etc).One thing can be said: the trend among the younger generation of gamers is observed towards entertainment, so that games have more interesting, entertaining features. But at the same time, there is still a great demand for classic games, for games with pure excitement, where mathematics plays an important role with the right balance. Positive experience, emotions - that's what makes gamblers come back to the operator.

What are the characteristics of a good software provider?

When choosing an online casino software provider, it is important to pay attention not only to such expected characteristics as:- the number of games in the portfolio,- the variety of categories of games,- advanced graphics and sound,- perfect mathematics,but also, for many other indicators. Let's briefly go through each of them.


In this case, the question of reputation is a medal with two sides. The online casinos that choose a casino software provider with a high reputation in the online gambling industry are themselves in good standing among business partners and customers. On the other hand, cooperation with dishonest game providers who have been seen in a non-transparent gaming policy or avoiding obligations casts an unfavourable shadow on the operator.


A valid software licence is first and foremost a guarantee that the game provider is trustworthy. Of course, unlicensed vendors are much cheaper and may seem like a good deal, especially for operators who value every cent. But in fact, this is a pig in a poke, because the consequences of using unlicensed software are completely unpredictable. Only one thing is predictable: unlicensed software will easily be damaged by viruses, while licensed software is strictly regulated and meets all safety rules.


It is important that the software be compatible with all known operating systems. Pay attention to what features the platform supports from the provider of your choice. Of course, it can be a combo of several of the following options.Special software download - in some cases, you need to download special software to your PC to play.Browser game - when nothing needs to be downloaded, there are no special requirements, and a gambler can simply start playing in a browser at any time.Mobile version - with the spread of smartphones, most providers began to adapt their games to the size of the screens and the capabilities of these gadgets.Live casino - special platform functionality is required to ensure smooth live dealer gaming. Some providers are all-in-one and offer both standard online casino and live casino functionality, and some focus on one of these areas.

User-friendly interface

The loyalty of the players is based not only on the honesty and transparency of the gameplay. It is important that it is convenient and understandable for the gambler to use the web or mobile version of the gaming site. An illogical or ill-conceived interface will scare away the target audience.

Game update

If the provider improves its product in a timely manner, adds relevant features to improve the gameplay, this refreshes the player's experience of the game and makes them distinguish this provider from competitors.

Bonus innovations

This is another competitive advantage among game providers. Each software vendor is interested in the fact that it is their product that stands out from the rest. To do this, they develop unique bonus offers that are available only when using their software for games.


It would seem a fairly predictable point. But not all providers understand its importance (this, of course, is not about the mastodons of the iGaming market, but about newcomers). Although it is a large number of supported languages that allows an online gambling provider to reach as many target audiences as possible.

Qualified tech support

When choosing a casino software provider, the operator must think about both their own right to quality technical service and the right of players to competent customer support. The right software vendor will provide both support options, 24/7. A distinctive feature of qualified technical support is that agents regularly take refresher courses. This is done so that technical support can quickly and efficiently solve the problem that the client has, both basic and tricky.

Why BGaming?

Considering the above features, we can say that the BGaming brand perfectly matches most of them. Having appeared on the iGaming market in 2012, this content provider has rapidly gained ground, and today it is recognizable and loved by players around the world. Today, BGaming's portfolio includes more than 90 products in different gaming categories, from slots and casual games with HD graphics to video poker and lotteries. By the way, the user interface is intuitive and suitable for any device. As for multilingualism, BGaming games are available to gamblers in 10 languages: Brazilian, Portuguese, Chinese, English, German, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.But BGaming is not just a conscientious provider that develops games with innovative mechanics, perfect mathematics and spectacular graphics.The brand was the first slot game developer to introduce the Provably Fair feature to the entire iGaming industry. This function is based on a cryptographic method. The essence of the method is that BGaming encrypts the result of each next round and sends it to the user. Thus, the player receives proof that a certain combination will fall out and nothing can affect it (neither a change in the bet, nor an internet connection, nor anything else).In addition, BGaming became the first provider in the world to support cryptocurrencies. And today, special attention is paid to the development of games for the promising field of crypto-casino.The introduction of BGaming games is possible through seamless, single API integration. To do this, you do not need to have any special skills or spend resources on attracting third-party specialists. Unlike the API of other providers, where integration is long and based on complex documentation, BGaming games API integration is implemented easily and in the shortest possible time - in less than a week, your game collection will become richer with engaging slot titles from BGaming. Contact us!

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