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Jun 28, 2022
API Integration Casino Games: Answers to FAQs

The online gambling companies cannot ignore the importance of API integration for the iGaming industry. The number of cloud products and applications is growing rapidly, and casino operators need a system where data is transferred automatically between different software tools. Via the API, various products can be integrated into the online casino: payment gateway, Jackpot Aggregator, Game Aggregator, different marketing tools, CMS and much more.

What is API integration?

The abbreviation API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is an application programming interface between multiple elements (such as an application and a web server) that is launched upon user request. Thanks to the API, these systems interact with each other, namely, they exchange data.

What opportunities does API integration offer for online gambling business?

API integration helps online gambling brands develop many times faster. No matter how big business is, its customer base will grow, as will the brand reputation. Let's take a closer look at the opportunities that the game integration API provides businesses.

Variety of games

Thanks to the API, games of various categories can be integrated into the casino platform – from video slots to games with a live dealer. It is important for the operators that the portfolio of online games be diverse, because then they will be able to expand their target audience due to the influx of new players.

Increase in productivity

A single API integration speeds up the addition of game content to the platform of a certain online casino at times. For integration, clients do not need to involve third-party specialists who have to understand the game code for a long time.

Saving money

When creating applications, the online gambling brand often has to start from scratch and spend not only time, but also a lot of resources. However, the client can choose the API tariff plan that suits them with ready-made schemes and interface. It will allow them to quickly and profitably bring the business concept to life.

Access to multiple markets

The process of opening an online gambling licenсe can be long, expensive and involves numerous legal delays. Thanks to the API integration, the brand does not need to buy a separate licence for each game. It can not only purchase as many games from the provider as it wants at once, but also immediately receive a licenсe for them owned by the game provider. And gain access to new untapped markets.

How is the casino game API integration carried out?

API integration can be done in two ways: either the casino implements the game provider's API integration, or the game provider implements the online casino's API integration.BGaming, as a gaming provider, is ready to explain on its part how the integration is going on.

  1. The online casino sends a request to the gaming provider to register a new player session.
  2. The game provider sends a request to the online casino server to clarify the player's balance.
  3. The game provider sends a bet request by the player to the online casino.
  4. The game provider sends a request to the casino server to credit the winnings to the player's balance.

Other related requests, both from the game provider to the online casino server, and from the casino to the game provider, are optional. One example would be to query the round history of a particular game. The purpose of such a request is to ensure a transparent game both on the part of the player and the game provider.Another example would be a request from a casino to a gaming provider to give a player bonus round. The goal is to increase player loyalty and attract a new audience.After that, both the online casino and the game provider must conduct tests and make sure that the integration is carried out correctly.Basically, the integration goes smoothly, but if there is a problem, the client can count on the professional support of the BGaming team. We check the logs and parse the error notifications to find out what is causing the error (for example, a bad request format). And we provide the client with detailed feedback to eliminate the error and maximise successful integration.

What are the benefits of casino game API integration?

The goal for which any online gambling brand implements API integration is to gain another competitive advantage over other brands and thereby increase its status in the iGaming market. But this advantage should not come at a high price, it should be easy to use and harmoniously fit into system processes. API integration is quite consistent with these characteristics.

Simple-to-customise interface

Setting bonus games and free spins settings, crediting free spins and bonuses to a player's account, sending notifications about bonuses and promotions, synchronising player account data, and much more are possible with just a few clicks!

Timely updates

If any errors are found in the games, they are corrected by the technical team of the game provider as soon as possible. It helps to increase the loyalty of players, and thanks to this, the growth of the reputation of the online casino.


Data transfer between the game provider and the online casino is securely protected thanks to SSL encryption. A well-designed API protects the player's session from fraudulent attacks.

One contract

An online casino does not need to spend money and time negotiating and signing separate contracts with a game provider for each game, when it can easily and seamlessly integrate many games into its system at once using a single API integration.

What does the client get via BGaming games API integration?

BGaming has been developing online games since 2012 and is currently the casino game development company with a high reputation. The company occupies top positions in prestigious online gambling ratings. The games developed by BGaming are very popular and in demand among the online gambling audience. It is confirmed by the fact that BGaming is among the finalists of the 5th AskGamblers Awards, an award where the winner is unbiasedly chosen by the players themselves.The BGaming portfolio today is 70+ exciting and spectacular games, 90+ supported currencies and 100% reputational transparency. And all these figures can become part of the brand's online casino success thanks to a single API integration.By the way, this is not the only advantage of BGaming games API integration. Unlike other APIs, where integration is long and based on complex documentation that is difficult for an inexperienced person to understand, BGaming games API integration is very easy to implement. And the timing is short, literally a week. If you need even faster - the BGaming team is always ready for a great challenge! Contact us!

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