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Apr 19, 2024

API Integration Casino Games: Answers to FAQs

Online gambling companies should acknowledge the crucial role of API integration in iGaming. As the array of cloud-based solutions expands swiftly, casino operators require a seamless system facilitating automatic data transfer across various software tools. Via the API, various products can be integrated into online casino and sports betting solutions: payment gateway, Jackpot Aggregator, different marketing tools, CMS, and much more.

What is API integration?

The abbreviation API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is an application programming interface between multiple elements (such as an application and a web server) that is launched upon user request. Thanks to the seamless API, these systems interact with each other, namely, they exchange data.

How does the iGaming API-based platform facilitate development processes?

An iGaming API-based platform is a central hub for seamlessly integrating various gaming services and features. It bridges the gap between the frontend user experience and backend functionality through REST APIs. These platforms often offer white-label solutions, allowing operators to customize and brand the platform as their own. This approach simplifies the process, reducing software development time and costs.

Why choose the iGaming API solution?

API integration helps online gaming brands hold software development many times faster. No matter how big a business is, its customer base and brand reputation will grow. Let's take a closer look at the reasons why your business should apply gaming API.

Variety of content

Thanks to the API, titles of various categories can be integrated into the casino platform – from video slots and table games to live casino experiences. Operators need to have a diverse game portfolio because they can expand their target audience due to the influx of new players.

Increase in productivity

A single API integration speeds up the addition of content to the platform of a particular online casino at times. For seamless integration, clients can avoid involving third-party specialists who have to understand the code for a long time.

Saving money

When creating software applications, the online gambling brand often has to start from scratch and spend not only time, but also a lot of resources. However, the client can choose any type of API that suits them with ready-made schemes and frontend interfaces. It will allow them to quickly and profitably bring the business concept to life.

Access to multiple markets

Obtaining an online gambling license is aften long, expensive and involves numerous legal delays. Thanks to the gaming API integration, it’s not neccesary to buy a separate license for each title. It can purchase as much content from the provider as it wants at once and immediately receive a license for them owned by the game provider. And gain access to new untapped markets.

How is the casino game API integration carried out?

There are two main ways for online casinos/sportsbook solutions and gaming providers to connect: either the casino uses the provider's API solution, or the provider uses the casino's solution. BGaming, as an iGaming provider, can explain how this connection works.

First, the casino asks the provider to start a new player session. Then, the provider checks the player's balance from the casino's server. When the player makes a bet, the provider tells the casino about it. If the player wins, the provider asks the casino to add the winnings to the player's balance.

There are other optional requests, like checking the history of a game round, to make sure everything is fair for the player and the provider. Sometimes, the casino might ask the provider to give a player a bonus round to keep them interested. After everything is set up, both the iGaming platform and the provider test everything to make sure it works well.

If there's a problem, BGaming is there to help. We look at the logs and error messages to find out what's wrong, like if a request isn't in the right format. Then, we give detailed feedback to fix the functionality problem and make sure everything runs smoothly for a great iGaming experience.

What are the benefits of casino game API integration?

Every online gambling brand aiming to implement API integration seeks to elevate its competitive edge and enhance its market standing. Yet, this advantage must be balanced with accessibility and seamless integration into existing processes. API integration in iGaming aligns well with these criteria. Thus, what exactly are the benefits of API? Let's delve deeper to explore them.

Simple-to-customise interface

Setting up bonus games and free spins, crediting them to player accounts, sending notifications about online casino game promotions, synchronizing user data, and more can all be effortlessly accomplished with just a few clicks on the gaming platform.

Timely updates

Whenever any errors arise during the gaming experience, the technical team of the content provider swiftly rectifies them. This prompt action not only fosters player loyalty but also enhances the online casino's reputation, contributing to its growth and credibility.

Safety and fairness

SSL encryption ensures secure data transfer between the provider and the online casino, safeguarding players' sessions from fraud. Additionally, an API solution can integrate blockchain technology, enabling users to verify results independently. Every transaction and game outcome is securely recorded on the blockchain, enhancing transparency and trust in the gaming experience.

One contract

Online casinos and sports betting platforms can save both time and money by avoiding the need to negotiate and sign individual contracts with providers for each game. Instead, they can seamlessly integrate multiple titles into their system all at once using a single gaming API integration. This streamlines the process and maximizes efficiency for the platform.

What is the future of iGaming with an API integration platform?

API integration is currently transforming the iGaming industry, steering the course of its future in tandem with evolving technology and user demands. This transformative trend is fostering innovation throughout the sector.

For example, the advent of artificial intelligence presents new opportunities in iGaming through API integration. AI-powered chatbots and customer service tools, seamlessly incorporated via APIs, provide continuous support and immediate responses, enhancing user interactions.

Similarly, the emergence of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies offers immersive gaming experiences. APIs enable their integration, transporting users to virtual casinos and sports arenas, revolutionizing iGaming platforms.

What does the client get via BGaming games API integration?

BGaming has been developing online casino games since 2012 and was founded as an independent game studio in 2018. The company has established itself as a dynamic and player-centric game developer, publisher, and collaborative partnership network with a significant presence across the globe.

BGaming’s game portfolio today is 150+ high-quality and certified titles, all supported currencies, including crypto, and 100% reputational transparency. Thanks to a single gaming API integration, all these figures can become part of your brand's online casino success.

BGaming’s setup processes are designed to be straightforward and efficient, guaranteeing a seamless and quick launch of games for your online casino. Choose from direct integration options through BGaming's universal API or your own, or connect via aggregators, including SOFTSWISS, Microgaming, BetConstruct, and 40+ others.

Contact us to integrate award-winning gaming experiences into your online platform. a great challenge! Contact us!

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