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Feb 2, 2024

Aztec Clusters online slot review

In collaboration with analytical AI platform Casinolytics, BGaming released a first-of-its-kind, data-driven online slot, Aztec Clusters, in February 2024. Crafted from over 10,000 hours of casino streaming insights, every game’s detail ensures the gaming experience appeals to both streamers and players.

As we delve into this innovative game, let's explore Aztec Clusters’ technical characteristics, visuals, and features to understand what makes this game unique. 

Discovering the basics

Let's kick off with a quick rundown of Aztec Clusters' core characteristics, then proceed to the game's most noticeable aspects that grab the attention from the start.


Theme and graphics

Aztec Clusters’s storyline transports players to the heart of the Aztec civilization, a beautiful theme that resonates with most players worldwide. With several already created and well-performing Aztec titles such as Aztec Magic Bonanza or Aztec Magic MEGAWAYS™, BGaming elevates this familiar setting with high-quality and the most vibrant graphics. 

From the first seconds after loading, the game showcases bright reels set against Aztec ruins, cascading waterfalls, and swaying vegetation. All these elements create a lively backdrop that is visually relaxing for players and perfect for slot streaming.

The game's grid sparkles with vivid Aztec gems, making it easy to distinguish between the high-value symbols adorned with animal faces and the low-value ones. The stone column with Buy features and the wins’ record table are conveniently located on the left. 


Animations and Soundscapes

As a player starts spinning the reels, catchy symbols on the 6x8 layout disappear and drop one by one, filling each reel consecutively. If a winning combination occurs, all participating symbols break into pieces, making way for the symbols above. Intriguing Aztec tunes with distant chants and natural sounds deepen the players' immersion, building anticipation with each spin.

The thrill intensifies during the bonus rounds as the grid turns golden and the tempo of the music picks up, signaling a shift to more dynamic and rewarding gameplay. Each time a player achieves a big win, the game activates an animated pop-up with falling coins and specific melodies.

RTP, volatility and max win

The slot comes with an impressive 97.00% RTP, surpassing the online slot average of 96.00% and promising a generous return to players.

Its very high volatility is a deliberate choice, aligning with player preferences for games that offer more significant but less frequent payouts. Nonetheless, the slot’s features ensure an action-packed gaming experience, with players enjoying an interesting playtime while chasing the elusive maximum payout.

The standout thing in Aztec Clusters is the x10,000 maximum win, which can be hit anywhere during the gameplay – whether the base or bonus games. 


Aztec Clusters Mechanics

Aztec Clusters introduces a cluster-pay slot with refilling reels, where 5 or more connected symbols form winning clusters. These clusters then vanish and allow the symbols above to tumble down, creating opportunities for consecutive wins. The game's hallmark is its dynamic use of multipliers. During one spin, Cell Multipliers are activated on the winning positions and are increased if the paying combination occurs again on them.

Exploring slot features

Now, let’s dive into the Aztec Clusters features. 

  • Sticky Wilds

In the base game, Sticky Wilds can appear after any win, substituting any symbol except Scatters, Boosters, and Destroyers. Landing on a cell with a multiplier, it gains an additional x10 multiplier for the refill sequence, with the potential to grow up to x100 for each contributing win. In free spins, the Sticky Wild functions the same way but stays sticky for the entire round.

  • Dig-up features

The Dig-up feature can randomly unveil Scatter, Sticky Wild, Booster, or Destroyer symbols post-win, adding layers of unpredictability and excitement. Booster adds +2 to cell multipliers and +10 to any Sticky Wild on the board. Destroyer removes low-value symbols without payment and refills the field with new potential wins.

  • Cell Multipliers

Winning clusters mark cells and activate multipliers on them. It starts at x2 and doubles up to x10 with each consecutive win on that cell. These multipliers accumulate and apply to all winnings they're part of, staying in effect until the refill is finished. In the Free Spins round, marked cells and their multipliers last until the round concludes.

  • Free Spins

3 or more Scatters trigger 10, 15 or 20 free spins and turn into Sticky Wilds or x10 Cell Multipliers that persist for the whole Bonus round. Additional Scatters during this round can retrigger the feature, prolonging the excitement.

  • Wild Spins

Players can opt for the Wild Spin feature for 20x the bet size, exclusively available in the base game. This ensures that at least 1 Wild symbol in the upcoming spin.

  • Buy Bonus

This feature offers instant access to the Free Spins round, with the option to include up to 3 Sticky Wild. But the costs reflect the heightened chance of significant wins: x100, x200, x400, or x800 of the bet size.

Aztec Clusters seamlessly blends cluster slot mechanics with diverse features, offering players a dynamic gameplay filled with surprises at every turn.


Aztec Clusters: must-try slot experience 

This game showcases a first-in-the-industry slot based on data about the preferences of both streamers and players. Its innovative cluster-pay mechanics, coupled with a captivating Aztec theme, are designed to meet and exceed player expectations, fostering a deep emotional connection with the game.

BGaming's commitment to player satisfaction is evident in the slot's generous 97.00% RTP and very high volatility, ensuring steady rewards. The potential for a x10,000 max win, accessible at any game stage, empowers players with varied strategic choices.

The Aztec Clusters’s distinctive feature lies in its cluster and multiplier mechanics, which enhance the sense of progression with every win, especially as they become sticky in free spins. The chance of triggering random Dig-up features adds an element of surprise, extending winning streaks and enriching the gameplay. Moreover, the flexible Buy Bonus and the extremely volatile Wild Spins offer players the autonomy to tailor their gaming experience.

In essence, Aztec Clusters is more than just a game. It's an adventure that captivates from the first spin and leaves a lasting impression, making it a slot that players will find hard to step away from.


What bonuses and features are available in Aztec Clusters?
Aztec Clusters is rich in features, offering players Cell Multipliers, Sticky Wilds, Free Spins, Wild Spins, and Buy Bonus options for tailored gameplay. Plus, it includes random Dig-up features that can introduce Sticky Wild, Scatter, Booster, and Destroyer symbols to enhance the gaming experience.

What is the RTP of Aztec Clusters?
The default RTP for Aztec Clusters is 97.00%, which is a decent figure above the average of 96.00%.

What is the maximum win in Aztec Clusters?
Players can aim for a maximum win of x10,000, a lucrative opportunity available in both the base game and bonus rounds.

In which casinos can I play Aztec Clusters?
Aztec Clusters is available at a wide range of online casinos that partner with BGaming. Check out the most popular operators here

Is Aztec Clusters safe to play?
Absolutely, Aztec Clusters is a secure and trustworthy game released by BGaming, a content provider known for its high-quality and certified gaming solutions.

In what languages can I play Aztec Clusters?
Aztec Clusters is available in 15 languages, including the most popular ones as English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, etc.

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