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Mar 29, 2024

Casino Game Aggregator: the core and advantages for business

To increase player loyalty and thus reach the priority positions of the iGaming market, online casinos focus on an impressive game portfolio, which should be constantly updated with online gambling hits and intriguing novelties. Operators need to choose such gambling content that will appeal to as many players as possible. To do this, online casinos work with a wide range of providers or contract with a reputable iGaming solution aggregator and add a massive gambling portfolio to their gaming websites.

What is a casino aggregator?

It functions as a software tool aimed at enhancing collaborations among various stakeholders in the online gambling sector, such as operators and game developers, by facilitating seamless API integration. The iGaming aggregator simplifies game management by not only integrating content but also incorporating payment systems and multi-vector solutions. Now, let's delve deeper into each of these functionalities.

Game content integration

Due to single integration, operators save both time and money by avoiding the need to negotiate contracts for each title or with individual content providers. Instead, they can swiftly get access to thousands of games through a game aggregator. Partnering with a trusted gaming aggregator ensures that casino operators obtain a sought-after casino gaming package. The aggregator's reputation is directly influenced by the quality of the game studios it selects for collaboration, giving operators confidence in the content they offer to players.

Payment systems integration

Ensuring secure payment processing is crucial for players when depositing or withdrawing winnings from online casinos. The availability of different cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, along with various payment methods, contributes significantly to building player loyalty towards online casino brands. iGaming aggregator services provide a swift and secure payment system solution for all participants in the gaming process, including providers, online casino operators, and players. This ensures a seamless and reliable transaction experience, enhancing trust and satisfaction across the board.

Multi-vector integration

This type of online casino aggregator provides a wide range of services tailored to the needs of iGaming businesses. It enables operators to incorporate content from multiple providers, payment systems, compliance support, player management tools, marketing features, analytics, and support services. These aggregation platforms streamline operations, ensuring seamless player experiences, regulatory compliance, effective marketing strategies, and data-driven decision-making.

Why is there such a diversity of aggregation platforms?

Despite the goal of online casino aggregators to compile popular titles for players, this “collection” can't be one-size-fits-all. Legal frameworks and regulations vary across countries, resulting in different aggregator solutions for game platforms. Moreover, player preferences differ globally; some countries favor live dealer content while others prefer video slots. As a result, casino aggregators tailor their game portfolios to cater to these varied interests, ensuring their content selection aligns with the preferences of players in different regions.

What is white-label aggregator technology?

In the iGaming industry, white-label technology is a convenient aggregator solution for entrepreneurs aiming to launch their casino platforms. It provides a pre-packaged platform with games, payment options, and regulatory compliance features. This technology simplifies the setup process and allows operators to focus on branding and marketing efforts. Integrating various elements into a single, customisable package streamlines the entry into the online gambling market, making it accessible to new businesses. With white-label aggregator technology, entrepreneurs can easily establish their online casino platforms, thanks to its user-friendly and comprehensive approach.

Aggregator benefits: Unlocking growth opportunities for online casinos

To ensure the success of an online casino within the iGaming arena, several crucial elements come into play, with the choice of the appropriate casino games aggregator being paramount. By aligning with a suitable aggregator, operators can concentrate on refining their brand identity and devising effective business strategies. Concurrently, proficient casino aggregation not only attracts fresh audiences but also bolsters player retention rates. The question remains: why work with an iGaming solution aggregator, and what precisely makes this partnership advantageous for an iGaming business?

Single API integration

A huge iGaming aggregator advantage lies in what is commonly referred to as the "one contract - many games" option. This approach allows operators to access a vast game library without the need to invest significant time and resources in negotiating contracts with individual providers. By entering into a single contract with a casino game aggregator, an online casino can gain access to as many titles as it requires, streamlining the process and reducing administrative burdens.

Constant content update

By concluding an agreement with an online casino, a content aggregator provides a set of games that is regularly updated in relevance (the long-awaited new title) and in terms of tech characteristics (e.g., faster loading). The operator can analyse which games its target audience likes best and combine its unique casino content, which will be in the highest demand among players.

Comprehensive technical support

A top-notch team of technical specialists is always ready to provide ongoing maintenance and detailed feedback to the aggregator clients: it checks the logs, fixes errors and malfunctions, and settles any tech nuances that have arisen in the workflow.

Favourable rates

An aggregator helps integrate games from multiple game developers, leveraging its extensive content line-up to establish competitive pricing for its offerings. Moreover, collaborating with a single aggregator proves to be more cost-effective than engaging with individual iGaming studios separately.

Promotions and bonuses

Developers who enlist their products with the online casino content aggregator compete for players' attention and engagement, offering operators enticing tournaments, bonuses, promotions, and advertising campaigns for the best online casino games. Such a strategy fosters player loyalty in online gaming, consolidating the position of both the operator and provider within the competitive iGaming scene.

Choosing tips when looking for a casino games aggregator

Firstly, examine tariff plans offered by various casino aggregator providers and opt for the one with the best price-quality ratio. Word of mouth remains a valuable resource – seek recommendations from industry peers for a genuinely reliable and highly esteemed aggregator partner. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the game portfolio offered by the aggregator. While it may be impossible to review every title in detail, even randomly selected games should: 

  • Span different categories (video slots, video poker, live dealer, crash, casual, table games, lotteries, etc.). 
  • Boast impressive visual design and captivating sound without distracting from gameplay. 
  • Be adaptable for both modern and outdated models of all devices, ensuring a clear display regardless of screen resolution.
  • Support multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies. 
  • Be backed by consistent technical and business support at all integration stages.

What does BGaming offer on this point?

As mentioned above, aggregator platforms must be very careful about cooperation with providers to earn a high reputation. To paraphrase a famous proverb, "Tell me who your business partners are, and I will tell you who you are."

BGaming has been developing online casino games since 2012 and was founded as an independent game studio in 2018. The company has established itself as a dynamic and player-centric game developer, publisher, and collaborative partnership network with a significant presence across the globe.

With a diverse and mobile-optimized game portfolio, BGaming offers a variety of high-quality and certified games, including video slots, poker, card, scratch, crash, and casual games, each featuring top industry mechanics.

Going beyond game development, BGaming equips iGaming platforms with a range of promotional tools and unique branded content. These offerings aim to increase GGR, improve player retention, and foster stronger connections between players and online casino brands. Such opportunities render the studio a lucrative partner for both online casinos and iGaming solution aggregators. By collaborating with BGaming, operators access a diverse content seamlessly integrated through the aggregator's API, while the aggregator itself benefits from the chance to broaden and enhance its offerings.

BGaming has designed its integration process to be simple and efficient, ensuring a seamless and rapid game launch for your online casino. Operators can choose from various integration options, including direct integration via BGaming's universal API or their own system, or they can connect through aggregators like SOFTSWISS, Microgaming, BetConstruct, Oryx Gaming, 1Xbet, Digitain, Groove Gaming, hub88, Infingame, iSoftBet, PariPlay, Slotegrator, Soft2Bet, SoftGamings, and many others.

Contact us to incorporate award-winning gaming experiences into your iGaming platform seamlessly.

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