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Sep 4, 2023

Artistic Evolution Meets iGaming Innovation: An Interview with Jay Kaes on his collaboration with BGaming

With great anticipation, BGaming eagerly awaits another memorable iGaming exhibition – the SBC Summit in Barcelona! As always, our preparation journey has been filled with artistry, creativity, and delightful surprises, all thanks to the remarkable collaboration with the extraordinary Spanish muralist, Jay Kaes. This internationally renowned artist brought his unique vision to BGaming's beloved figures like Book of Cats, Penny Pelican, and Elvis Frog.

Through this dynamic partnership, JayKaes's artistic narrative harmoniously intertwines with BGaming's visionary gaming concepts, resulting in a fusion that captivates both art enthusiasts and gamers alike. This collaboration presents a remarkable amalgamation, where BGaming's characters come to life with a new narrative.

From Miami to Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands – Jay Kaes's impressive portfolio boasts expansive murals across the world! Being  an artist of significant influence and innovation, Jay Kaes has worked with industry giants including Sony, Netflix, American Express, and Virgin Atlantic.


In this interview, we delve deeper into JayKaes's life, his artistic journey, sources of inspiration, and the peculiarities of crafting a new artwork for BGaming. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the remarkable collaboration between JayKaes and BGaming.

1) Can you share with us a bit about your artistic journey? How did you discover your passion for art, and what steps did you take to turn it into a career?

From a young age, my passion for drawing was evident as I constantly sketched and created. It was in May 1997, at the age of 12, that I first encountered graffiti. This discovery marked the beginning of a transformative journey that has brought me to where I stand today. Embracing graffiti allowed me to fully immerse myself in this art form, and in doing so, it opened doors to a wider exploration of art. This experience ultimately led me to pursue a master degree in fine art at the university in the Basque Country.

Upon completing my studies, the natural progression was to venture to London. The initial stages were challenging, but through dedication and perseverance, along with the support of select galleries, I managed to carve out a distinct identity for myself. This journey has been one of growth and self-discovery, and it has enabled me to establish a name in the artistic realm.


2) Many artists draw inspiration from various sources. Are there any unconventional or unexpected sources of inspiration that have influenced your work over the years?

My artistic creations have consistently been shaped by the life encounters and individuals in my surroundings. One of the most distinctive sources of inspiration for my artwork stems from gaming or cinema, particularly the realm of science fiction. I possess a deep appreciation for storytelling, particularly when it originates from the realm of imagination.

3) Art often carries messages and emotions. Can you tell us about a specific piece where you aimed to convey a powerful message, and how did you approach visualizing that concept?

Not long ago, I undertook the task of painting a substantial 300 square metre bridge situated in the northern region of Spain. My intention was to seamlessly integrate my artwork with the existing architecture and surrounding landscape while also imparting a potent message. The concept entailed using the bridge's columns as canvases to depict female figures bearing the weight of the world upon their heads. This portrayal was intended to extend onto the bridge's ceiling. Although the idea was swiftly conceived, a considerable amount of time was devoted to comprehensively studying the bridge's architecture and structural elements to ensure the successful realization of this intricate painting.


4) With the growing popularity of online slots and gambling games, are you familiar with the iGaming/gaming industry? What are your thoughts on this niche, and how do you see your art intersecting with it?

To be completely honest, I'm not typically one to engage in gambling. However, it's fascinating to observe the narratives that underlie each game. What strikes me is the connection I find between my artwork and the realm of dopamine, coupled with the sensory allure of gambling's visual and auditory elements. Within my Dopamine collection, my aim was to convey the rush of exhilaration associated with a dopamine surge. This sensation is symbolized by the incessant notifications on social media. Moreover, I've incorporated a handful of artworks centered around gambling, as it evokes a similar emotive response.

5) The collaboration with BGaming seems intriguing. Could you walk us through how that partnership came about and what excites you most?

Experiencing the excitement of having one of my street artworks capture someone's attention and then receiving an offer for a collaborative project is undeniably invigorating. This opportunity, in particular, emerged from such an instance. What made it even more captivating was that the BGaming team, with whom I engaged in conversations, showcased an innovative mindset and a genuine willingness to embrace creativity and originality. This positive and agreeable approach they demonstrated made the prospect of collaborating with them even more enticing.

6) Exploring the creative process can be fascinating. Could you delve into how you developed an idea for a new artwork for BGaming and brought it to life?

Working with BGaming on this project was a blast! They gave me the chance to put my spin on their characters, and digging into the stories behind each character was super cool. Once I got what their stories were all about, it was like they turned into these awesome superheroes. Jumping into their world and giving it my own artistic twist was seriously so much fun – I had a blast!

Game characters by BGaming and their interpretations by Jay Kaes

7) Can you share your past experiences collaborating with various brands? How do you approach these collaborations, and what do they mean to you as an artist?

I derive immense satisfaction from collaborating with brands that prioritize meaningful dialogues and comprehend the significance of an artist's craft and creative autonomy. This approach facilitates a seamless collaboration where tasks are delineated based on our respective strengths. My focus lies in the creative sphere while they manage aspects like marketing and production. I firmly believe that such collaborations yield mutual benefits, resulting in a vibrant and innovative final outcome.

Don't miss the chance to visit BGaming’s booth CG118 at SBC Summit in Barcelona, taking place on September 20-21. Book a meeting with BGaming’s representative – you'll be among the first to witness the results of our partnership with the extraordinary artist and to receive exclusive gifts crafted in collaboration with JayKaes. Let’s make this iGaming event productive and unforgettable!

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