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Nov 10, 2023

Pixel Power: Level Up BGaming with Hackathon 2023

BGaming proudly highlights the success of its second Hackathon, “Pixel Power: Level Up BGaming.” Over an exhilarating two-day span, 12 talented teams transformed bold ideas into ready-to-launch projects, each set to elevate our gaming landscape. From optimized frameworks to innovative games and marketing tools, BGaming is poised to turn these visionary solutions into reality.

Building on the experience of last year’s hackathon, this year's event expanded its horizons. What began as a modest affair with five visionary teams has evolved into a powerhouse of creativity and technological prowess, surpassing all expectations with its impact and output.

The “Pixel Power: Level Up BGaming” hackathon presented four key areas for improvement, inviting BGamers to delve into specific company goals or spearhead their unique projects. As a result, 12 engaged and inspired teams embarked on a two-day quest with a shared mission of thinking "out of the box" and creating truly innovative solutions.

The results were remarkable — 12 professional “startups” emerged, covering a spectrum from Developing Manager Communities to Exclusive Games, Visual Programming Systems, and Game Challenges. While the event recognized four standout projects, all ideas will contribute to BGaming's onward journey.

This hackathon not only unveiled exceptional projects but also served as a testament to BGaming's thriving culture and relentless pursuit of innovation. It clearly reflects our team's energy and passion, attributes driving BGaming towards new frontiers of success.

This Hackathon embodies our commitment to fostering innovation within BGaming. It's a testament to the boundless creativity and dedication of our teams. I want to thank every participant for such huge devotion to this corporate event.

CEO, Marina Ostrovtsova

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