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Sep 21, 2022

How to Choose the Best Provider for Your iGaming Business

Learn how to recognize a responsible and reliable game provider to improve your business.

The iGaming market is one of the most developed industries today. Statisticians claim that the current size of the online gambling market, which is 61.5 billion US dollars, will increase to 114.4 billion US dollars by 2028. The lion's share of the market is the game provider business. There are a huge number of providers from which operators and players can choose. Of course, customers benefit when there is plenty to choose from, because game providers compete with each other for customer loyalty, offering very favourable conditions and tempting products.

But in order not to get confused while choosing a gaming provider, it is worth considering some indicators that distinguish a really good provider from an "empty shell".

"Fame in the people"

In other words, reputation. Now information is spreading at lightning speed thanks to the internet. Thematic forums, comments on operators' websites, special sites that are created to collect unbiased opinions of players - just enter the game provider you are interested in the search engine, and now all the opinions about it are in full view. So, take advantage of the knowledge and experience of experienced people, read online reviews, consult with other users before choosing a provider.

Website software

In addition to such obvious points as the quality of design and sound that respected providers in the industry rely on, there are other important aspects. If the operator works in countries where the internet speed is not very high or it is not very stable (for example, Latin America and Africa), then the provider should pay attention to the development of games that are not "heavy", because game download speed is one of the important KPIs for online casinos. Also to choose a casino games provider, make sure that its games are optimised for popular operating systems (for example, iOS, Windows, Android) and open equally well both on a personal computer screen and on smartphones and tablets.


Cryptocurrency is becoming an integral part of online gambling. The number of online casinos with crypto deposits is increasing every day. Players are attracted by the possibility of instant transparent transactions without high commissions, the ability not to register their personal data and maintain anonymity, and the ability to protect their funds thanks to blockchain technology. According to the report by SOFTSWISS, the volume of staking in cryptocurrencies in December 2021 more than doubled, by almost 260%, compared to January 2021.

The current game collection

The emergence of game aggregators has contributed to the fact that in most online casinos the number of games is in the hundreds or even thousands. But it is one thing to collect in your casino a mountain of different-sized games from providers (slots, blackjack, baccarat, sic bo, and so on), and another thing is to choose among these game instances with advanced mechanics and innovative features. In the context of the fact that the online gambling audience is getting younger and is interested in new approaches to games, providers are adding fresh trends to their product, which we will discuss below.

Casual games

Until recently, scratch cards and lotteries were considered instant win games. You rub your virtual card and immediately find out if there is a win. But recent trends have changed the gameplay. Now it is a bitcoin falling heads or tails, a ball striving to win or lose under the force of virtual attraction and other casual games. Today, any crypto casino offers such games, while it is still rare for fiat casinos. And gamblers, in whose interests it is to try out new products, prefer operators and providers that transfer successful crypto experience to fiat casinos.

Provably Fair

This feature appeared relatively recently and has already attracted the attention of operators and players. Gamblers strive for a transparent and safe game, because they prefer exciting, but fair entertainment. Provably Fair is an algorithm based on a cryptographic method. This method ensures that the player's bet will not affect the outcome of the round and that the result will not be known to the player before the actual gameplay. Games with the Provably Fair feature increase the confidence of players in the operator. At the moment, not all providers use this algorithm for analysing and verifying a transparent game. But if there are games with such a function in the providers’ portfolio, this is a plus for them, because the trend at Provably Fair is gaining momentum.

Brand exclusives

An online casino games provider who is really interested in attracting and retaining a partner offers them the opportunity to create a custom game on very favourable terms for the partner. Taking an existing game as an example, the provider customises it for a specific online casino. There are a lot of personalization packages: starting from a light touch, through deep customization, and up to a totally exclusive game with a redesigned and improved design. This approach provides the operator with unique content that is not found anywhere else.

Game provider certification

A wake-up call should be the absence on the official website of the game provider you like of detailed information about its licences, certificates and compliance with regulatory requirements. For example, any reliable provider uses a certified RNG for their slots and will definitely post this information in the public domain. Mentioning and posting on the website of the provider of data on regulators and market standards will also add credibility to it among potential partners.

Clients support

If a game provider is betting on an honest business policy, it first of all establishes feedback with customers. Around the clock, seven days a week, through a convenient communication channel, for example, social networks, phone, email or feedback form. Highly qualified support agents are regularly re-certified, trained in customer focus and are ready to answer any user question - from simple to tricky.

Why BGaming?

Being a representative of the iGaming market since 2012, the BGaming brand is purposefully and systematically strengthening its position. To date, BGaming's portfolio has over 90 products covering various categories: slots, fast games, video poker, casual games with HD graphics and much more. The games and the interface of the official BGaming website are available in ten languages ​​common in Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America, and the East.BGaming pays great attention to the development of innovative and exclusive mechanics, catchy graphics and verified mathematics. In addition, it was BGaming who first introduced the concept of "Provable Fair" to the iGaming market, which changed the way online casinos operate. BGaming is also the pioneer in crypto gambling and first gaming provider in the world to start supporting cryptocurrencies.By providing a game branding service, BGaming does not put game development on stream, but takes into account the interests of individual clients. The brand has established a process of collaboration with the casino, BGaming releases 3-4 custom games per month, branding them for popular holidays, and thanks to this, partner casinos have the opportunity to surprise their players with an exclusive game. In the iGaming industry, few providers devote time and resources to this, because game branding is a slow and expensive process. But BGaming has created its own engine that allows you to make such games quickly and profitably for customers. Contact us to get exclusive games!

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