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Sep 12, 2023
SBC Summit Barcelona 2023: Bridging the Gap from Online to Offline

On September 19-21st, BGaming will attend the SBC Summit Barcelona with its #CG118 stand. The game provider will showcase another creative collaboration with local artist Jay Kaes, supporting its initiative “When Art Meets Gaming”, and make a difference through charity events for partners. 

Within our project “When Art Meets Gaming”, BGaming collaborates with artists to enhance the exhibition experience. We’ve already joined forces with exceptional local artists at iGB Live! and ICE London, including the Dutch I AM EELCO and pop-inspired Thumbs, to support local talents and foster creativity. We're pushing the boundaries further for the SBC Summit Barcelona by immersing visitors in the digital world of Spanish street muralist Jay Kaes.

Our latest artistic partnership brings together the tech-inspired Jay Kaes style and our iconic characters from Book of Cats, Penny Pelican, Elvis Frog, and Aztec Magic titles. Jay's exceptional artwork breathes new life into our heroes, infusing them with modern references and fresh interpretations of the iGaming world. It perfectly matches BGaming's vision of merging art and gaming.

At BGaming, we go above and beyond mere participation in iGaming events, as our mission reaches far deeper than portfolio presentation. Offline exhibitions enable us not only to generate a higher level of engagement with partners but also to convey meaningful messages and contribute positively to society. Being innovative and ambitious, BGaming is passionately transitioning the wildest ideas from the online realm to the exciting world of offline – one that is the fusion of gaming and art.

The design of the main wall of BGaming’s booth

At the SBC Summit Barcelona, Jay Kaes' online masterpiece seamlessly transitions into the offline realm. BGaming's innovative approach comes to life as the reimagined heroes – artist's drawings grace the main stand's wall, leaflets, and flyers. This creative display resonates with Jay's belief that reality is often far more intriguing than it may initially seem. The immersive experience awaits you at our booth #CG118, where the virtual world meets the tangible, inviting you to explore the captivating fusion of artistry and technology.

Eager for engaging talks, Kaes will accompany BGaming team at SBC Summit in Barcelona, expressing his emotions regarding our partnership and sharing his experience. Recently, we caught up with the artist to uncover the exciting intricacies of this collaboration in a fruitful interview

The BGaming venture culminates in exclusive merchandise tailored specifically for the SBC Summit. Jay's live-art BGaming characters breathe life into a range of high-quality and vibrant items, including hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, laptop cases, and suitcases. These gifts are a testament to BGaming's commitment to infusing a sense of creativity and innovation into every aspect of our participation at the event.

Exclusive merch by BGaming x Jay Kaes

Alternatively, our partners can choose to donate an equivalent amount to UNICEF in support of the victims of the Morocco Earthquake, highlighting the profound impact that small actions can have on changing lives. This charitable initiative has already demonstrated its effectiveness at previous exhibitions like iGB Live and ICE London, where we supported Ukrainian UNITED24 and UN Crisis Relief funds.

Become part of a journey where the gaming boundaries between online and offline are artfully blurred at SBC Summit Barcelona 2023. We’re waiting for you at the #CG118 booth. Book a meeting here!

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